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C’est la vie. I don’t have the time to give this space the love it deserves.

I’ll leave all of the content on this site untouched in the case that this is your first time here. Hopefully still find new sounds. Keep an open ear and remember that music is music, regardless of the medium.


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Destined for greatness.

12 Jun

The result if The Strokes and pre-‘Wolfgang’ Phoenix had an illegitimate Swedish lovechild blessed with steez since birth.

The Royal Concept is your new favourite band. The newly renamed Swedish four piece just got back from a trip to NYC to film their upcoming music video and record their debut EP, out on June 19th. When I heard these guys a while back, I was honestly worried for the chance that they might just be a two hit wonder, with Gimme Twice and D-D-Dance being so catchy that they got me thinking the band was too good to be true.

Turns out… they’re just that good. Expect MASSIVE things from these guys.


The Royal Concept – Self Titled EP [AvailableJune19]


The Royal Concept – Gimme Twice (MRTN Remix) [FreeDownload]

Five Four Fridays is back with a vengeance. #19

8 Jun

To those addicted to Electro House and Dubstep, you’re about to hit the jackpot.

The Russian duo Al Bizzare was featured on this site once before. Since the time of that feature, they haven’t really released any new tracks …or at least any that I know about …or anyone really …since no one really knows anything about these two.

They haven’t stopped putting music out into the world entirely. Every month this year they’ve been releasing a set of their favourite tracks and they have wicked taste to say the least. Oh, and they’re all available  for free. That should keep you pretty occupied for the weekend.


Al Bizzare – The Best of January 2012 Podcast [FreeDownload]

Al Bizzare – The Best of February 2012 Podcast [FreeDownload]

Al Bizzare – The Best of March 2012 Podcast [FreeDownload]

Al Bizzare – The Best of April 2012 Podcast [FreeDownload]

Al Bizzare – The Best of May 2012 Podcast [FreeDownload]


Al Bizzare – The Best of December 2011 Podcast [FreeDownload]

Indie fans look no further.

4 Jun

Good, simple, Indie Rock with a Folky edge.

Had the chance to catch this Vancouver local group a few weeks back for their EP release show. Since these guys are so rad, they’ve decided to give it away for free. The full EP is available for download on their Facebook or SoundCloud page.

I used to work with the female vocalist and she is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet; her voice is nothing short of honey. Pair that with catchy melodies, solid rhythms, and another great voice, and you’ve got your next favourite up and coming Indie band.


Mercy Years – Davy Jones [FreeDownload]

Mercy Years – Manning Park [FreeDownload]

Mercy Years – Paris [FreeDownload]

The Staves stole the stage.

31 May

Stop laughing at the stupid title.

Mesmerizing group of three sisters from the UK that I had the privilege of hearing live last weekend. They were opening for Bon Iver, and to be completely honest, I enjoyed their performance more than his ten piece band. Remember when he locked himself in a cabin, grew a wicked beer, and played music on his own that was even more epic?

Reminiscent of Bon Iver‘s For Emma Forever Ago days; soft, subtle guitars and incredible harmonies. Prepare to be covered in goosebumps.


The Staves – Mexico [Purchase]

The Staves – Gone Tomorrow [FreeDownload]

The Staves – The Motherlode [Purchase]


Goldmember strikes again.

29 May

I love André Allen Anjos and the RAC. Seriously one of my all time favourite artists and collective groups. Everything that he touches instantly turns to gold and this new remix is no exception.

Never heard the original before, but I don’t even care. With every sample sounding as if it came straight from a physical instrument, this could easily be mistaken for the original.

Slightly sad yet somewhat hopeful. Play this track while walking around on a grey summer day. At least you can count on something to put a skip in your stride.


Princeton – Grand Rapids (RAC Remix) [FreeDownload]

The Master(s).

28 May

One of the most underrated producers out there, Uppermost, turned me on to Lemâitre, one of the coolest groups I’ve ever come across. All it took was one track for me to go out and find every piece of music they’ve ever made and play it all non stop ever since. Their entire collection cost me less than ten dollars and was worth every single penny.

Pretty hard to pin these two down to one genre. Their music falls into more than one category and certain tracks blitz through multiple genres (you’ll notice especially on Keep Close). The variation of style is incredible, yet some funky, bouncy signature sound remains. Think Happy Funky Glitchy Electro.

Fun Fact: You’ll be surprised to know that despite all the funky, disco, French House vibes, these guys are from Norway.


Top Pics From Relativity 2. (Released May 25th)

Lemâitre – Time To Realize [Purchase]

Lemâitre – Keep Close [Purchase]


A few free tracks.

Lemâitre – The Friendly Sound [FreeDownload]

Lemâitre – Blue Shift [FreeDownload]

Lemâitre – The End (Extended) [FreeDownload]


The track that brought me to them.

Lemâitre – Appreciate (Uppermost Remix) [FreeDownload]


If you want more of their music, head to their SoundCloud page where you’ll find a ton of free releases including the majority of the tracks from Relativity 1 and the entire Friendly Sound EP.


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