The power of people.

11 Apr

Omaha, Nebraska. I have never been there, nor do I have plans to go there. What reason would I have to head to a state I`ve never been to or heard much about? I think I have an answer if you’re wondering the same question.

A certain ‘experimental indie pop band’ hailing from the state in question has recently been brought to my attention. These guys have a very chilled out and feelgood vibe to them that is so perfect for a moderately sunny day like today. Their style ranges from folk to lo-fi so seamlessly. The majority of times when bands have a varied style, it makes you realize that they haven’t really found their true sound yet, but that’s not the case with Thunder Power. Each song that they play, no matter what the style, sounds like it was meant to be done that way.

Aside from being incredibly talented, they are also quite clever. They’ve devised a plan on how to lighten the pricey load of recording in a studio. This excerpt it taken from their personal blog:

All of us in Thunder Power are happy to say we’re finally ready to record our debut full length. We already have time booked with AJ Mogis at world-class ARC Studios in Omaha this May, but as you all might know funding such an endeavor isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, it costs thousands of dollars.

So we’ve started a Kickstarter campaign with a $2,000 goal in hopes to raise some funds to lighten the financial burden.

If you have a few dollars to spare, we humbly request that you consider backing our project!

Check out the official Kickstarter project page HERE.

For $10 you’re basically pre-ordering the new album before it’s national release (late July)! Not a bad deal, right?

The rest of the donation rewards:

  • $5 gets you a digital pre-release download of a single from the new album.
  • $10 gets you a digital download of the complete album when it’s done, plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $25 gets you our Love Yourself CD, Friend Ships CD, thank you in the liner notes, plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $50 gets you our Hearts Intersect vinyl plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $75 gets you a vinyl copy of the new album when it’s done plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $100 gets you a stuffed animal handmade by Kacynna, a t-shirt hand-silkscreened by Will, plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $500 gets you a customized song written and recorded by all of us in Thunder Power just for you! It can be about anything you want and in whatever style you want. You also get all the rewards from lower levels.

Being a prospective advertising copywriter, I can recognize a good idea when I see one, and Thunder Power has nailed it. Macklemore had a similar Kickstart project when he was filming the short film for the song Wings, but he forgot to include the opportunity to have a song written about you as these guys have.

I suggest you get to donating as these folks clearly have some talent, and some,


Thunder Power – Take A Hike

Thunder Power – Home Office

Below is a live video recording of their latest song.

Thunder Power – Night Creatures

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2 Responses to “The power of people.”

  1. Johnathan Dwyer August 13, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    I noticed that you also like Alessi’s Ark. Did you know that Thunder Power has a Split EP with her?

    • gg August 14, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

      …you’re kidding me. I had no idea!
      Definitely going to be checking that one out, thanks man.

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