From writer to singer/songwriter.

31 May

When I first started this blog, I opened up an email account under the same name. I only opened it up as more of a precaution if anyone would ever want me to take their music down since the majority of what I post is downloadable for you to spread the word of good music. I never would have thought that I’d actually have trouble keeping up with the slew of incredibly good, and unfortunately horrid music that has been flooding my inbox from both artists and fans.

A couple days ago, I had a girl from Michigan tip me an artist in response to my post about singer/songwriter Elena Tonra. Alessi Laurent-Marke, known as Alessi’s Ark, is an incredibly mellow folk artist from West London. She started out her music career originally as an avid fan who used to write a fanzine called Brain Bulletin. She ended up finding love in “the combination of the poetry and the stories that [she] had been writing for [her] fanzine” when she began to play the guitar and sing her heart out. Eventually Virgin Records took notice and signed the only seventeen years old at the time, cute-as-a-button Alessi. Last year, this incredible musician left Virgin and signed with the indie music label Bella Union. She has released an EP and more recently a full length album which is streaming for free on SoundCloud. Expect big things from this now twenty year old wonder.

I’d love to stick around and tell you more, but I’m off to see the surprisingly sold out Foster The People concert.

Be jealous,


For those of you who have never used SoundCloud before, you click on the little arrow that is pointing down on the right of the widget to download the song in question. Logical, right?

Alessi’s Ark – Maybe I Know

Alessi’s Ark – Shovelling

Alessi’s Ark – Wires

Here’s the entire album Time Travel for your listening pleasure.


Alessi’s Ark – Woman (Alphabet’s Heaven Remix)

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