And today’s soundtrack is…

18 Sep

I love birthdays. Yesterday it was one of my friends from here at school and one of my best friends from home’s day of birth. Obviously I couldn’t celebrate the latter, but I went out for the party here; and party we did. Obviously, that would make today a well deserved rest day. Cue the music.

Last week I finally got a chance to get my digital hands on a copy of the young London foursome Bombay Bicycle Club’s third record. The album is titled A Different Kind Of Fix, and was finally released at the end of August after insane anticipation from the earlier release of the single, Shuffle. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of this group before Shuffle, but it is easy to tell after listening to all three records that their sound has definitely matured. Not that there was anything wrong with their style before, but it becomes apparent after the first three tracks that there is a certain emotional and experimental depth to the new songs. I’ve been playing the album nonstop since I bought it so I can’t stress enough how much I recommend you do the same.

Someone needs to invent a reliable hangover cure,


Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out, Words Gone [Mediafire]

Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle [Mediafire]

Soundcloud’s copyright policy forbids me from uploading the next two tracks so you can’t listen to them without downloading them. Trust me, they are both simply beautiful tracks and well worth the click.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Fracture [Mediafire]

Bombay Bicycle Club – Still [Mediafire]

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