Don’t worry, be happy.

24 Oct

So one of my friends is having a bad day, it happens. People read too far into texts all the time. It is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. How can you honestly say after a fight that a text ‘sounded’ mad.  Texts are faceless, voiceless, and oftentimes pointless blurbs put together in about fifteen seconds without a second thought. If I was mad, I would say those three words as opposed to dancing around meaninglessly in a hundred and sixty characters or less. Anyways, on to happier thoughts and happier tunes.

I’m a big fan of raw, simple music. It’s the reason why I love bands like Matt & Kim. It’s the reason why I love Jason Mraz more when only equipped with a guitar and no band. It’s the reason why I love going to live concerts, and why I love the music that these young Finnish guys are making. I stumbled across this fourtet on SoundCloud last week, and I couldn’t have been happier to have found the long lost, incredibly talented love child of The Kooks and Two Door Cinema Club (they’re actually not love children, just an analogy). Either way, keep an eye on these cats in the near future, I’m expecting big things.

This one’s for you bud,


Satellite Stories – Family [Mediafire]

Satellite Stories – Helsinki Art Scene [PurchaseOnly]

Satellite Stories – Mexico [PurchaseOnly]

Satellite Stories – Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro [Mediafire]

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