Five Four Fridays. #6

4 Nov

Why do Thursdays always have to be rowdy? Somehow I always get convinced to go out on Thursday nights despite having class at nine the next morning. This was probably one of the roughest mornings since I’ve been here in Toronto since, if I can recall, we were asleep by about five in the morning. On top of extreme lack of sleep, my phone finally kicked the bucket. It’s weird not being able to be reached so easily, I kind of like it.

Even though I’m most likely staying in tonight to make some headway on my multiple assignments, I’ve got some solid tunes for you all this week. A needle in the haystack of many Ellie remixes, a new remix from an upcoming UK producer, another new amazing remix from a Halifax based producer, the most unique of the many new amazing Happy Violence remixes, and a new original from the always amazing and wonderfully Canadian producer from London, Ontario.

OVERWERK’s manager actually sent me an email yesterday about his new track featured below, perfect timing. As it turns out, Ed was actually commissioned to make ‘Buzzin’ for a group of Norwegian kids. They’re planning on using it as their theme song when they celebrate Russefeiring next May. You can scope out their Facebook page to see what I’m on about.

Anybody have a spare Bell phone to donate?


Ellie Goulding – Lights (Dave Edwards Extended Remix) [SoundCloud]

Deadmau5 – Strobe (Special Features Remix) [Mediafire]

My Internet is incredibly unreliable at the moment, so the link for this track will be up tomorrow.

Dirty South – Alive ft. Thomas Gold & Kate Elsworth (Dezza Remix) [Mediafire]

Justice much?

Dada Life – Happy Violence (Uppermost Remix) [Medaifire]

OVERWERK – Buzzin’ (Original Mix) [SoundCloud]

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