A couple Monday jams.

14 Nov

Man, I love SoundCloud. If you love music, which I’m guessing you do if you’re reading this, and you don’t have an account, change that right meow. If you do have one, email me your account name, I’d love to see what you’re into. If you’ve ever wondered where all the music posted on here is coming from, SoundCloud is one of the many sources of glory. It makes my day when I log on after a few days and there are dozens of new tracks just waiting to be heard.

Today, I logged on and hit the jackpot. Let me just tell you that I’ve got some ROWDY new tunes for this weekend for those who are into it. For today’s post, I was pleasantly surprised to find two new remixes uploaded by the Australian electro pop duo Bag Raiders. I haven’t really posted much electro pop in the past few months, so it seemed fitting that these go up today. Go ahead and argue that these are house or disco or whatever, I hate classifying music. Probably my least favourite part of this blog.

I also love chili,


The Ting Tings – Silence (Bag Raiders Remix) [Mediafire]

Turns out this one was actually released last April. Glad I still managed to hear it today.

Monarchy – Won’t Let Go ft. Rokhsan (Bag Raiders Remix) [Mediafire]

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