A Big Mac never sounded so good.

20 Dec

Being involved in advertising, music in commercials is a bit of a grey area for me. The majority of the time, brands will choose great songs if an original isn’t made specifically for the ad itself. On the positive side, it gives the artist massive exposure but of course it comes with a cost: the product will be forever embedded in the consumer’s mind when they hear the track. Some guy gets paid to sift through music and choose just the right track. I want that job.

My sister showed me this artist the other day, saying that she heard the song in a McDonald’s advert. I don’t care if this guy reminds me of a Big Mac from here on in, he is utterly phenomenal. This cat is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, then grew up in Philly, and now lives in Colorado. Naturally, this will shape him to have a certain depth, and my goodness does it show in his music. Everything from the lyrics to the way he casually strums his guitar is incredible and filled with so much passion. Prepare to have your mind blown and heart melted.

Sala kahle,


Gregory Alan Isakov – Big Black Car [Mediafire]

Gregory Alan Isakov – All There Is [Mediafire]

Gregory Alan Isakov – If I Go, I’m Goin [Mediafire]

Gregory Alan Isakov – Master & A Hound [Mediafire]


Here’s his live session with a UK folk radio station that showcases his truthful talent.

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