The beginning of the end.

31 Dec

We always forget how quickly three hundred and sixty five days can pass. So much can happen in that period of time. Just take a look at the news and see how much the world has changed in only a year. Personally (yes, I’m about to get all sentimental on you guys), this past year has been the best in my life. I started writing in this space for one, moved to a new city, met tons of utterly amazing people with whom I know I’ll be sharing my life for years to come, realized that I am truly on the path to an industry that I belong in, realized that I’m a huge geek and became incredibly comfortable with that fact and in turn, myself.

In terms of music, 2011 was a massive year for the electronic music scene. We witnessed the beats and bass seep into popular culture. We witnessed the rise of dubstep’s popularity and the impact it made on the world. More than anything I think we witnessed the bewilderment from those who don’t understand it all and that it is a scene and attitude more than just a genre. I absolutely love it and chances are that if you’re reading this, you do too. I hope I’ve been able to help those artists that deserve a little recognition for the hours of hard work and countless late nights that they put into reassuring a good time to be had by all. I’d like to make a toast to all of them, and to all of you readers.

Bring it on 2012,



Dada Life – Happy Violence (Special Features Remix) [PurchaseOnly]

Bingo Players – Mode (Original Mix) [Mediafire]

Skrillex – Summit ft. Ellie Goulding (Aylen Remix) [Mediafire]

Bombs & Bottles – The Game Part One (Bombs & Bottles Edit) [Mediafire]

Steve Lade & XspectiV – Our World Is Here (Original Mix) [Mediafire]

Metric – Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix) [Mediafire]


Avicii – Levels (Cazzette Remix) [Mediafire]

Virtu – Elixir (Original Mix) [Mediafire]

Steve Aoki – Earthquakey People (Dillon Francis Remix) [Mediafire]

Mord Fustang – We Are Now Connected (Original Mix) [Mediafire]

The Noisy Freaks – Dream Team (Mashup) [Mediafire]

Dada Life – Happy Violence (Caveat Remix) [Mediafire]

Kaskade – Turn It Down ft. Rebecca & Fiona (Le Castle Vania Remix) [Mediafire]

Felguk – Blow Out (Lazy Rich Remix) [Mediafire]


Avicii – Levels (Blaster & Smyle Remix) [Mediafire]

Widescream – Moving ft. Techzone (Titanoz Remix) [SoundCloud]

Dillon Francis – I.D.G.A.F.O.S. (Original Mix) [Mediafire]

Lucky Date – Ho’s & Disco’s (Space Laces Remix) [Mediafire]

Hirshee – Bang This (Original Mix) [Mediafire]

Andy’s iLL – Timeline (Preview) [ListenOnly]


Skrillex – Bangarang ft. Sirah (Original Mix) [Mediafire]

Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party – Antidote (Original Mix) [Mediafire]

Porter Robinson – Unison (Knife Party Remix) [Mediafire]

Porter Robinson – Spitfire (Kill The Noise Remix) [Mediafire]

Dirty South – Alive ft. Kate Elsworth (The Noisy Freaks Remix) [Mediafire]

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