Why love?

16 Jan

Yet another beautiful day in paradise. Dirty slush fills the streets. Bitter cold lingers in the air. Deadlines begin to pile up, and certain people from back home couldn’t seem farther away. Alas, there is hope of a happier place. About a month ago I came across a surprisingly unknown band that resides across the border in the Golden State. Now, wouldn’t that be a nice change of scenery?

Y LUV is an LA based quintet of five young USC students. The writers of Earmilk and Sunset In The Rearview, both reputable blogs, said this wickedly catchy group sounds like the creators of the track of Summer 2011; Foster The People. I strongly disagree. When I heard the awesomeness that is their latest single, I immediately thought of The Temper Trap. But just to make things interesting, Freddy’s voice reminds me of the North Carolina born artist Rick Seibold. I’m a big fan of Rick’s older work, so Freddy, that’s a compliment. Y LUV’s infectious and hopeful sound reminds me why I will always have a soft spot for Indie Rock. Keep an eye on these kids, for I sense their tight knit tracks and whistle-able melodies will take them far beyond the confines of California.

Because life is empty without it,


Y LUV – Keep It Rollin’ [Mediafire]

Y LUV – Earthquakes [Mediafire]

Y LUV – Never Touch The Ground [ListenOnly]

Y LUV – Feel Sound [Mediafire]

See what I mean?

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