Happy Birthday.

7 Feb

Today marks the one year anniversary of this so called blog.

There are many reasons why this place exists. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had my friends barking up my leg for my music. Not the music I created, which was pretty bad for the record, but the music I chose to listen to. Whether it be song suggestions for them, or a hard drive full of albums, I could never give them enough. I always wanted a blog, a place to showcase the soundtrack to my life with the world. Also, I needed another piece for my portfolio for school. Perfect.

The background music in my life is anything but consistent, and consists of everything from Caesars to Coldplay, Sublime to Skrillex, Van Morrison to Van She. Ideally, I want readers to listen to music as I do; with ears wide open and an open mind. One shouldn’t limit themselves to only one genre of music and boycott anything that is a stones throw away from their sacred style. I want to see a hard rock junkie appreciate the energy that a hard hitting electronic track can produce. I want to know that a hip hop hardcore can become lost in the beauty of a piano riff and the flow of a woman’s voice. I want to have a bass head listen to a catchy indie track chorus and tap their foot to the sound of the beat. I want to have an avid music fan listen to a new combination of sound and just say ‘woah.’

I never would have thought these things possible, but the amount of responses my inbox has received would tell me otherwise. Honestly, I couldn’t care less if my posts reached five or five thousand people. If I can make a person’s day with something as simple as a song, my job is done. The fact that the majority of these people are outside of Canada, let alone this continent (thank you creeptastic site stats), is beyond me. The Internet has made this pale blue dot an even smaller neighborhood. To all of those living on this rock and reading this, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to give these artists the credit that they deserve, and the chance to give you some hopefully tasteful tunes.

Looking forwards, I have good news and quite the list of upcoming projects for you folk that I’m working on. I have a fairly large handful of interviews with the up and comers to look out for in 2012, and even one which is the first to ever take place with this guaranteed future super duo. Also, this space is going to undergo a few changes. In spite of recent political events, I can no longer provide samples for you Internet people as the third party site I use is wiping my account clean bi weekly. If the artist provides a track for free, I’ll be sure to include the link. If the artist is signed or charging for the track, I’ll include a purchase link so you can easily get to it. That being said, I’m going to start creating mixtapes. Although these will be less frequent, they will cover multiple artists and genres.

The reason for the switch up is that I’m slowly starting to realize that I’m spending far too much time dabbling in the wrong industry. I spend hours upon hours just sitting here and strictly listening to music, it’s actually a little ridiculous. I keep forgetting that I’m in the advertising field, so I need to turn my focus to my future and spend more time with that. I’m pulling up my socks and acting like a grown up so you guys will most likely be seeing slightly less of me. Relax, I’m still going to probably be procrastinating regularly, meaning there will be a moderately steady stream of music coming your way.

To those of you that are still reading this small essay, thanks again for the year and all the suggestions and submissions you’ve made along the way. I appreciate every last one of them.



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