Take with plenty of Vitamin D.

9 Feb

I’m calling shenanigans on this whole brutal East Coast winter thing. It’s currently February, and if I look out my window I see clear blue skies and folks walking around in spring jackets zipped open. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining by any stretch of the imagination. Just slightly perplexed as to the reason why I had to spend so much effort into finding boots and thick sweaters for the winter that I was expecting: A real life rendition of The Day After Tomorrow. To compliment the sunshine, I put on my massive sunny day playlist when I was walking to class.

Mid frolic, one of my all time favourite tracks came on. If you don’t know of Matt & Kim, you’re in for such a treat. This Brooklyn couple have been making music together for about seven years now, and playing their instruments for exactly the same amount of time. That is one of the many things that makes them so great; their sound is raw, something I’m a huge fan of. Another reason I love these two is that they put on an awesome show. When I saw them a few years ago back home, they were jumping, dancing, and climbing non stop for the entirety of the show. The only time the madness momentarily ceased, was when Matt took the mic in hand and told us how much the two of them love playing music for people, to which the entire hall sat down and just listened. Don’t ever miss seeing them if you get a chance.

Seriously hope I didn’t jinx this weather,


In case you’re wondering, their last two albums, Sidewalks and Grand,  are well worth the pocket change from start to finish.

Matt & Kim – Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare [Purchase]

Matt & Kim – Daylight [Purchase]

Matt & Kim – Good For Great [Purchase]

Matt & Kim – Cameras [Purchase]


Matt & Kim – Daylight (Troublemaker Remix ft. De La Soul) [Purchase]

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