The Master(s).

28 May

One of the most underrated producers out there, Uppermost, turned me on to Lemâitre, one of the coolest groups I’ve ever come across. All it took was one track for me to go out and find every piece of music they’ve ever made and play it all non stop ever since. Their entire collection cost me less than ten dollars and was worth every single penny.

Pretty hard to pin these two down to one genre. Their music falls into more than one category and certain tracks blitz through multiple genres (you’ll notice especially on Keep Close). The variation of style is incredible, yet some funky, bouncy signature sound remains. Think Happy Funky Glitchy Electro.

Fun Fact: You’ll be surprised to know that despite all the funky, disco, French House vibes, these guys are from Norway.


Top Pics From Relativity 2. (Released May 25th)

Lemâitre – Time To Realize [Purchase]

Lemâitre – Keep Close [Purchase]


A few free tracks.

Lemâitre – The Friendly Sound [FreeDownload]

Lemâitre – Blue Shift [FreeDownload]

Lemâitre – The End (Extended) [FreeDownload]


The track that brought me to them.

Lemâitre – Appreciate (Uppermost Remix) [FreeDownload]


If you want more of their music, head to their SoundCloud page where you’ll find a ton of free releases including the majority of the tracks from Relativity 1 and the entire Friendly Sound EP.

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